February 7, 2013


I wouldn't call Marissa Meyer's Cinder a work of staggering genius, but it was certainly entertaining and it introduced some likeable characters who, by the end, had some interesting quandaries.  When we last saw Cinder, she'd been put in jail following the uproar at the ball. And you were learning Dr. Erland was also Lunar and you knew that he was going to help her escape and...the book was over.

Unsurprisingly, Cinder's storyline in the book starts with her jailbreak.  She misjudges which cell she needs, only to find herself with a partner in escape crime, Captain Carswell Thorne.  He's charming in a grating sort of way and he has a ship, so he ends up coming with her.

Meanwhile in France, our eponymous character's grandmother has been missing for several weeks.  And before long she meets a Wolf.  Or rather, Wolf, who eventually agrees to help her track down her grandmother, who once was a pilot and who might know something about the Lunar princess.

And Emperor Kai finds himself facing a difficult situation with Queen Levana in regard to the escape, since Cinder was after all her fugitive as an escaped member of her race.

In short, there's quite a lot going on but not in an overwhelming, I'm-losing-my-place-in-the-story kind of way.  More in an I-know-these-things-will-all-intersect-but-how kind of way.  Some of those connections take place within the course of the story, but not all of the plot threads have been knit together.

My assessment: I like Cinder even more, I rejoiced at the return (as such) of Iko, Kai's an idiot but a noble one, I'm charmed by Carswell Thorne but I don't trust him, Scarlet has plenty of moxie to match her red hair but I don't know how invested I feel in her character for being someone who warranted a book title, and Wolf is...Wolf.

The next book in this series doesn't come out until 2014, and I can't say that I'm pleased to wait a year, which is probably one of the highest compliments that I give.

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